This is what I do.


I currently work here!
•  2017 Pricing
Due to changing requirements of the 2017 Pricing, I believe we have solutioned the most flexible pricing service (it just reads from a YML file).

•  DevOps
We had an 11 step process for deployment with multiple points of failure. We have brought it down to 2-click-deployment process.


This is the main project at Brewhouse where I got hired as an apprentice and grew my skills to be a Junior Developer. I've helped in various areas of the app, such as: Content Library, 2016 Pricing, Link Shortener & Sharing Banner


The hardest part about building the MVP of Pixhug was the ask that the likes should be polled and it should be realtime or close to it. We had to create a service that will poll Facebook for likes as much as it could without getting rate limited. Maybe I'll write a blogpost on how we solved this problem.


The initial ask at Attendease was to migrate their database from MongoDB to PostgresQL but with the current state of the app at that time, we had to bring the test coverage up (using simplecov) and slowly change the syntax from a Mongo query to a SQL query.

Avenue Spaces

I came to the avenue spaces towards the middle of creating it's MVP while being an apprentice at Brewhouse. Our lead designer created pixel perfect images that I had to copy with CSS. I've helped create the questionaire and added functionalities to their admin portal.